Кто читает по-русски, кликает по картинке:
Кто читает по-русски, кликает по картинке:
I am Elena Ploetz, a Russian artist and translator living in Germany.
What you see here is a joint project -
What is Art Surprise?
It´s a chance for Europeans to get aquainted with contemporary artists from all over the world. The founder of a European social network of artists, "El-Drac", Juan Petry, travels around Europe and installs vending machines that have been converted from selling tobacco to selling art  - in galleries, museums and other art-related places! And we, the artists who participate in this project, make small artworks (5 x 8 cm) to be put into those machines in little black boxes - the size and the price of a cigarette pack. No one knows what you get in the black box  - not even the artists!
And how Live Journal comes into this? This is how!
My new series of small drawings, handmade on watercolour paper in ink and watercolour, consists of 50 pairs. Each drawing is numbered.
I publish every newly painted pair in my Live Journal blog and the readers of my blog write stories to illustrate the pictures. In Russian, obviously!
On this website I will be publishing their stories to this Art Surprise series.  Some of them will be in Russian, some translated into English - wherever possible! For not every story can be properly translated - they write poetry, they play on words, they are totally creative!
The good news is - you can do it, too. Jump in and send me YOUR story - in whatever language you want.
I hope you will have as much fun as I do!